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6 interesting facts you didn’t know about “The Burial of the Lord of Orgaz”

6 interesting facts you didn’t know about “The Burial of the Lord of Orgaz”

7 things you mustn’t miss if you visit Toledo

Toledo is famous for its good food, including its typical tapas and bars; that’s why it has been chosen as the Spanish Gastronomy Capital for 2016. Here are some of our recommendations.

6 interesting facts about Toledo that you might not know

There are many cities that share the name Toledo. Among our international namesakes we can find six cities in the United States, in the states of Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Oregon and Washington, in addition to another seven distributed all over the world, in Belize, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, the Philippines, Portugal and Uruguay.

Toledo’s sister cities

Toledo has 11 town twinning agreements with cities all over the world. We can find evidence of this on the streets, squares and in parks of Toledo.

6 recommendations for visiting Toledo

If you are thinking of visiting the City of the Three Cultures, take note of the following advice which will make your stay in Toledo easier.

What famous people have visited Toledo?

Thousands of people decide to visit Toledo to learn about part of Spain’s history and heritage, but today we’d like to talk about five famous persons who left their “snapshot” when they visited Toledo, many of whom also counted on our guides to get better acquainted with the city.

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