7 things you mustn’t miss if you visit Toledo

1. Typical Toledo cuisine

Toledo is famous for its good food, including its typical tapas and bars; that’s why it has been chosen as the Spanish Gastronomy Capital for 2016.  Here are some of our recommendations:

Carcamusas at Bar Ludeña: This stew made of pork loin with tomato and peas is perhaps the city’s most typical dish.  At Bar Ludeña, they have been serving this dish for years, delighting everyone who tastes it.  Spanish tortilla with carcamusa sauce is another of their specialties.  For more information see the following link on TripAdvisor.

carcamusas toledanas

The “bombas” (bombs) at Bar El Trébol: the star dish at this bar is without a doubt their mythical “bombas,” potatoes filled with meat and covered with both ali-oli and tomato sauce.  You can find more information on their website :www.cerveceriatrebol.com

Stuffed partridge and stewed ox tail at La Parrilla Restaurant: brought fresh from the nearby mountains, two dishes that are not only typical of the region, but also exquisite. (www.laparrilladetoledo.com)

Venison with sauce at La Cave: a delicious stew of venison in sauce. (www.restaurantelacave.com)

Marzipan from Toledo: This sweet made of almonds and sugar is the perfect dessert for those with a sweet tooth. The pastelería Santo Tomé has been perfecting their recipe for years.

2. Legends

The bitter well, Our Lord of the Skull ….  If anything makes Toledo magical, it’s the legends!

Destino Toledo can tell you these and other legends on our guided tours around the city during which you will visit the most labyrinthine part of Toledo, enjoying a mixture of fantasy and reality that will transport you to the past.  Discover them on our website www.destinotoledo.net

3. The Scenic Overlook in the Valle (across the river)

As part of your visit to Toledo, you should definitely see the view of the old town from the Scenic Overlook, an ideal place to admire the walled fortress surrounded by the River Tagus in all its glory.

If you have a car, you can drive to the Overlook parking areas.  If not, you can take a taxi or the Tourist Train.  It leaves from Zocodover Square, and the overlook is one of its stops.

Vistas desde el Valle Toledo

4. Monuments and History

Toledo has numerous monuments that you shouldn’t miss visiting.  The Primary Cathedral, the Santo Tomé Church with “The Burial of the Lord of Orgaz,” the Cristo de la Luz Mosque, the Alcázar, the El Greco Museum, the Tránsito Synagogue …

Destino Toledo offers the most complete routes, so that you don’t miss any of the monumental and historical heritage of the city.

5. Damascene

This handmade jewelry is a hallmark of the city.  It is a type of decoration in which gold or silver threads and leaf are inlaid in another metal, such as steel or iron.  It is very interesting to watch the damascene crafters work the metal by hand.  In some of the shops in the Old City you can still see how this thousand-year-old technique is done.

El damasquino Toledano

6. Leisure and Holidays

Toledo is famous for its two big holidays: Corpus Christi and Easter Week, both declared of International Tourism Interest.  If your visit coincides with these celebrations, you’re very lucky, because you can enjoy the decorated streets and diverse cultural activities.

But if you visit at any other time you can also find numerous activities for your free time.

On the website  www.ayto-toledo.org/cultura there is a calendar of activities and concerts, posted by the City Hall all year.

And if you’re interested in nightlife, Toledo has numerous outdoor cafés and bars, especially in two areas: the Old City and the Santa Teresa neighborhood.

7. Hidden Toledo

Do you think that Toledo is only what you can see?  Discover what the city hides beneath its buildings and cobbled streets with our nocturnal route “Underground Toledo.”

If you want to enjoy culture, gastronomy and leisure in Toledo, nothing better than our combos:

  • Daytime Route + Nocturnal Route: 20 euros/person
  • Route* + Dinner  + Drink: 25 euros/person.
  • Midday meal or dinner + Route*: 20 euros/person
  • Route* + Zipline “Fly Toledo”: 18 euros/person
  • Route* + Time Capsule: 14 euros/person

*Supplement of 2 euros for the nocturnal route.


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