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If you are thinking of visiting the City of the Three Cultures take note of these tips that will make your stay in Toledo easier:

1. Comfortable shoes

Whenever you do tourism it is advisable to wear comfortable shoes that allow you to take long walks to get to know a new city, but this recommendation becomes almost obligatory in Toledo. Its magical streets are covered with a cobblestone road where walking with heels becomes “mission impossible”.

2. Plan your trip

Although Toledo may seem like a small city, its richness in monuments, history and leisure is immense. With so much to see and do every second is gold. The Cathedral, the Alcazar, the countless churches, museums, mosques, synagogues …

calzado cómodo para visitar toledo

To make the most of your visit to the city, Destino Toledo offers you the most complete guided tours so you can get to know each magical corner.

In addition, there is a growing offer of cultural and leisure activities in Toledo: the Urban Flyleaf Fly Toledo, wine tastings from the best wineries in the region, such as Eno Diffusion, the Time Capsule show … you can combine with your guided tour at the best prices.

Discover all our offers at

3 So that you don´t get lost …

Toledo is famous for its labyrinthine streets, in which even a  Toledano can easily get lost; that is why it is highly recommended to have a map of the city at hand at all times. You can request it at the establishment where you stay or at any one of the Tourist Offices, such as the House of the Map in the Plaza de Zocodover.

There are also free applications for smartphones and tablets that can be very useful with geolocation, such as Be Your Guide Toledo.

4. Historic District of Toledo, pedestrian zone

If you come with your car you should know that much of the old town is a pedestrian area, so you have  limited or no access to some streets, whose only access is for residents. Public parking is scarce inside the walls, most of which is taxed with O.R.A. or exclusive for residents. In addition, some Toledo streets may surprise you with sudden narrowings that leave your car stuck.

But do not despair! There are several alternatives when coming with  to Toledo with your car. There are several private parkings in the old town, where  for between 13-16 euros a day you can leave your vehicle. You can also find free parking like the one  in front of the bus station from which you can reach the historic center by taking a walk to the escalators.

We recommend that, if you come with suitcases, you should  previously inform yourself  of the access to the hotel in which you are  staying  as there is the possibility of accessing it with the car to leave the suitcases and thus avoid a ride loaded with luggage.

dias grandes de Toledo

5. Toledo in its “Great Days”

Toledo has two large  festivities: Holy Week and Corpus Christi. If you want to get to know  the city with your best clothes on without a doubt these are the best days, but at the same time the ones that are  most in demand. Therefore, book accommodation, routes and activities as early as possible.


6. Telephone numbers of interest

Here you can find a series of phones that can be useful:

  • Municipal Tourist Office: +34 925 23 91 21
  • Provincial Tourism Office: +34 925 24 82 32
  • City of Toledo: +34 925 26 97 00
  • Radiotaxi: 925 25 50 50/925 22 70 70
  • Urban Bus: Info lines +34 900 50 68 48
  • R.E.N.F.E .: + 34 925 22 30 99 / +34 902 24 02 02
  • Bus Station: +34 925 21 58 50
  • Emergencies: 112
  • Ambulances: +34 925 22 15 22
  • Local Police: 092/925 25 04 12
  • National Police: 091/925 28 85 00
  • Civil Guard: 062 / +34 925 22 59 00

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