What famous people have visited Toledo?

Thousands of people decide to visit Toledo to learn about part of Spain’s history and heritage, but today we’d like to talk about five famous persons who left their “snapshot” when they visited Toledo, many of whom also counted on our guides to get better acquainted with the city.

The first famous person we’re going to talk about is Salvador Dalí, and the photo we have is unusual, to say the least. What did the residents of Toledo think when on October 11, 1969, they saw the famous painter in Zocodover square?

Salvador Dalí en Toledo España

Salvador Dalí en Toledo

And talking about geniuses, now we are going to the field of physics, the Nobel Prize winner, Albert Einsten, who, it seems, wanted to keep his visit to Toledo secret, although it was impossible for him not to be recognized.  Despite the frustrated attempt at anonymity, he wrote in his diary that the visit to Toledo on March 6, 1923, was one of the most beautiful days of his life.  “Toledo is like a fairy tale.”

Albert Einstein en Toledo España

Albert Einstein en Toledo

We suppose that part of this image that the physicist had of the city was thanks to his host, the superb historian, Cossio, who served as Einstein’s guide on the tour around Toledo.

Among more recent visitors we can find Stephen Hawking, who couldn’t resist a guided visit in the Primary Cathedral, taking advantage of a visit to Spain to present his book at the Law School of Oviedo.

Stephen Hawking en Toledo España

Stephen Hawking en Toledo

Julio Cortazar, the Argentinian writer, was another of the famous persons who couldn’t resist the temptation to immortalize his stay in Toledo in the spring of 1956, choosing one of the essential views when visiting this beautiful city.  He had his photograph taken with his family at the overlook across the river.

Julio Cortázar en Toledo España

Julio Cortázar en Toledo

And finally, the 40th President of the United States of America, Ronald Reagan, visited Toledo with his wife.  And they did it in the best possible way, guided by one of Toledo’s finest official guides ever, Fredeswindo, González.  Because being accompanied by professionals who love and live their job is the best way to see what may be invisible at first glance.

Ronald Reagan en Toledo España

Ronald Reagan en Toledo

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